Looking for a makeup brand that suits your needs can be a daunting task. From drugstore brands to more high-end options, each makeup brand has its own unique offerings. We have compiled a list of the best makeup brands available today with an overview of each, so you can easily find one that works for you.

Makeup can be an essential part of any look you’re going for, whether it’s a bold, dramatic look or something more natural and subtle. But with all of the makeup brands on the market, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the top makeup brands. Whether you’re looking for a drugstore option or a more high-end brand, our list will help you find the perfect fit. Read on to learn more about our favorite makeup brands and what makes them special.Makeup lovers are constantly looking for the perfect, long wearing makeup products that are worth the money and own up to their name.

It took me several years to truly understand my own beauty style but then one day it finally clicked when I realized the makeup products I reached for every day are simple, easy to use, can double in usage, and help achieve a natural makeup look.

That’s not to say I don’t love a glam makeup look every now and then but for me, less is more. There are tons of minimalist makeup brands to shop from but I wanted to narrow down the list to the best tried and true favorites I use daily and accessible for every budget.


The first number one makeup brand in the world is MAC. MAC is known best for their lipsticks but also hold other popular makeup products such as powders,foundations, and highlighters.

You’ve probably heard of MAC, which is another popular makeup brand. Makeup Artist Cosmetics is what MAC stands for. It’s wonderful for make-up artistry and comes in a wide selection of colors. Professional makeup artists, renowned models, and actresses all rave about it.


The second most popular makeup brand is NARS. NARS is a french cosmetics and skin care company that was founded by a makeup artist. NARS began selling lipsticks and moved on from there. NARS blushes seem to be the most popular as they are very pigmented and have unique shades.

NARS is recognized for its high-coverage foundations that nevertheless manage to look natural and luminous on the skin. As you can see, NARS was founded with the goal of empowering women to experiment and have enjoyment with cosmetics.

3-Urban Decay

Urban decay is the third most popular. Urban decay happens to be one of my favorites. Urban decay seems to be very popular for their big selection of eye shadow pallets. The eyeshadow palettes range from $29 to $44 depending on the size.

Urban Decay is an American cosmetics brand that is a subsidiary of L’Oréal, a French cosmetics company. Lip, eye, complexion, and body products are among the brand’s current offerings. Their Naked series, which contains twelve different eye shadow palettes, is their most well-known product.

4-Maybelline New York

The fourth most most popular makeup brand is Maybelline. Maybelline is really popular for their mascara as there are a lot of choices. Maybelline is great in quality and even better in price as it is sold in drugstores such as target,walmart and more which makes it totally affordable for everyone.

Almost everyone has heard of the Maybelline cosmetics brand. For almost a century, the brand has been a mainstay in the market. The business has appealed to the demands of makeup enthusiasts all around the world since its beginnings in New York City. Maybelline products are frequently featured in Allure’s Best of Beauty roundups.


The last but not least most popular makeup brand is L’oreal. Giving access to our worldwide community With more than 20 million downloads this augmented reality beauty app is the first-ever virtual mirror app, launched by L’Oréal Paris, paved the way for industry adoption of AR and AI technologies. Launched in 2014

L’oreal is a cosmetics and personal-care organization that is a dominant player in beauty product promotion and marketing. It’s most known for its hair-care products, but it also provides outstanding beauty products. L’Oreal is a brand you can put your faith in. It has been established for almost a century and offers both drugstore and high-end products.

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