Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa Built in Clay


Lenovo ZAA30006US CD-4N342Y Smart Clock Essential with Alexa Built in Clay, 1, Red Smart home controls


Lenovo ZAA30006US CD-4N342Y Smart Clock Essential with Alexa Built in Clay, 1, Red

smart clock

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

With Alexa Built-in

This is a Clock and it’s Smart

This is a clock. It’s smart, with Alexa built-in

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is the ultimate smart clock for any room. With its big & bold display, you can check the time from across the room.

Just ask Alexa for help around the home, play music, control your smart home devices and more.

Peel film off before using

smart clock
smart clock

It’s also a smart speaker

Stream songs from Amazon Music, Spotify and other platforms. Play music, audiobooks and podcasts throughout your entire home with multi-room audio.

Or play and listen to music across different parts of your home by setting up speaker groups.

Perfect for the nightstand

When it’s pitch black in yourbedroom, our auto-dim display darkens so you won’t perceivelight coming from the screen. And yet you’ll still be able to see the time whenever you look. You can even turn off the screen with the Alexa app.

And for those who share a room or bed, the soft, clickybuttons on top let you control your device without disturbing or waking others with your voice.

When it’s time to wake up, tap the top to dismiss thealarm or snooze.

smart clock

Complete privacy

No Camera, and physical switch to mute your microphones. The red indicator on the LED display shows when they’re turned off.

smart clock

Multi-room intercom system

Broadcast messages to all devices with a simple press. It’s perfect for calling the family to dinner or responding quickly when someone needs help!

smart clock

Contemporary style

Made to blend into and complement your spaces, the soft-touch fabric, curved lines and elevated profile keep the design elegant and timeless.

smart clock

Easy to set up and control

Plug it in and download the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone. The app lets you change alarm sounds, customize what the display shows, and etc..

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