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5 Best Fitness Smartwatches

The first modern smartwatch, the Fossil Wrist PDA, launched in 2003 from Palm. Microsoft then followed up with its unique SPOT watch collection powered by MSN Direct services running over FM radio waves. Motorola, Pebble, Samsung, Suunto, and others then provided various options as wearables advanced with smartphones.

Today’s smartwatches offer more advanced features, such as detailed 24/7 health and wellness tracking, voice assistants, call and text message support, and a variety of apps and services that extend the power of your smartphone to your wrist. Some models have cellular support and can serve your needs independently from your phone for limited functionality.

In 2022, there are several powerful options available to help you get work done through a wearable device. The latest Apple Watch is the best smartwatch overall — and especially for Apple users. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the best option for Samsung phone owners, and there are a few others that some consider best for both Android and iOS. Read on to learn more.

if you’re struggling to select a smartwatch, right here are a few things to remember:

  • Compatibility: Apple Watches best work with iPhones. Smartwatches running wear OS, Garmin and Fitbit are well suited with each Android and iPhone.
  • Pricing: Smartwatch charges can range from very less expensive to quite high-priced. Paying more will get you better health and fitness monitoring and construct quality. some thing more steeply-priced than an Apple Watch and you’re purchasing status branding and exclusivity.
  • Battery Existence: maximum smartwatches final around two days, if that is no longer enough for you, then choose Huawei, Fitbit or Garmin, which offer barely impaired functionality for vastly progressed battery existence.
  • Fitness Monitoring: All smartwatches will do simple monitoring, however if you’re education for a marathon or triathlon then you will want a greater severe going for walks watch from Garmin or Polar.
  • Communication: All smartwatches have Bluetooth – that is how they connect with your phone. some have a 4G/cellular connection as nicely, this means that you may circulate song, acquire messages and calls, even in case you’ve left your telephone at domestic. It prices greater, and likely isn’t worth it for maximum.
  • Watch Size: size is important. in case you’ve got slim wrists you’ll need a smaller smartwatch, this is not because of appears, but due to consolation.

we’ve got an fantastic series of smartwatches to help you find the fine choice for you so take a look and discover the smartwatch that speaks to you.

1-Apple Watch Series 8


  • Temperature sensing for sleep and ovulation estimates
  • Crash detection contacts first responders when you’re in a crash
  • WR50 water resistance
  • New advanced workout metrics


  • Less than 2 day battery life

More Detail

Display: 396×484 pixels OLED | Battery Life: 18 hours | Dimensions: 45x38x10.7 mm | Weight: 38.8 grams (Al) | Water/Dust Resistance: 50m with IP6X | LTE Cellular Option: Yes    

In 2015, Apple released its first Apple Watch, and over the next seven years, it secured its place as the best smartwatch available. No other watch has such vast application support while also getting all the smartwatch essentials nearly perfect. It may be debatable if an iPhone is the best smartphone or not, but it is clear the Apple Watch is the wearable to beat.

And the Apple Watch Series 8 continues this legacy. New for this version is temperature sensing. It reads your temperature as you sleep. Combined with the Sleep app, you receive a more complete picture of your sleeping habits. 

Also new is Cycle Tracking, which estimates when ovulation occurs–essential for couples looking to start or add to their families. The system can also detect deviations, such as prolonged or irregular periods. 

Then, there’s Crash Detection, also new for the Apple Watch Series 8. It can detect when you’re involved in a car crash and connect you to emergency services. Overall, the new Apple Watch Series 8 continues the legacy of setting the bar high. 

2-Apple Watch SE


  • Gorgeous, refined hardware
  • Excellent price for a powerful smartwatch
  • Broad support for health and fitness features
  • Extensive third-party application support


  • Less than 2 days of battery life
  • Limited sleep details

More Detail

Display: 368×448 pixels OLED | Battery Life: 18 hours | Dimensions: 44x38x10.7 mm | Weight: 36.5 grams (Al) | Water Resistance: 50m | LTE Cellular Option: Yes

Apple made an interesting move in 2020 and released a lower-priced Apple Watch designed to expand the use of an Apple Watch to other family members. The newest version of  Apple Watch SE starts at just $249 and if you are an iPhone user it’s an easy wearable to recommend.

The next generation of the Apple Watch SE contains many of the features found on the Apple Watch 8 Series. You gain Crash Detection, where the watch detects you’ve been in an accident and can contact first responders. 

It also features the enhanced Workout app, giving you access to custom workouts, and advanced metrics like heart rate zones, stride, length, and vertical oscillation.

Ultimately, the newest version of the Apple Watch SE proves great things can come in small packages. 

3-Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro


  • Lightweight titanium casing
  • Sapphire glass AMOLED display
  • Large capacity battery
  • Google Wear OS 3 app support


  • Limited, manual GPX process
  • Large size not suitable for smaller wrists
  • Blood pressure certification taking much longer than advertised

More Detail

Display: 1.4-inch 450×450 pixels Super AMOLED | Battery Life: Two-three days | Dimensions: 45.5×45.5×15.0 mm | Weight: 46.5 grams (without strap) | Water Resistance: 5 ATM+IP68 | LTE Cellular Option: Yes

Samsung is clearly not standing by as Apple continues to update and improve the Apple Watch. Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch 5 Pro offers many of the same advanced health tracking features, such as blood oxygen monitoring, ECG, and sleep tracking, with longer battery life than the Apple Watch.

We also see the addition of body composition measurements in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, skin temperature sensor, and materials typically found in high-end GPS sports watches priced at twice the cost of the Watch 5 Pro. We spent a few weeks with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro conducting our full review and prefer using it over the Apple Watch Series 7.

The Watch 5 Pro runs Google Wear OS 3 powered by Samsung. This means it still looks like a Samsung smartwatch, but also supports Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Wallet, Google Play Store, and more Google apps.

It has an operating system optimized for the round watch design with a virtual rotating bezel. Fall detection, messaging, phone calls, and more are available on the watch, with advanced fitness data such as VO2 Max and advanced running dynamics data also supported.

4-Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS


  • Solid third-party app support
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Dual display


  • Runs Wear OS 2

More Detail

Display: 1.4-inch 454×454 pixels AMOLED and FSTN secondary display | Battery Life: 72 hours  | Dimensions: 47x48x1232 mm | Weight: 41 grams | Water Resistance: IP68 | LTE Cellular Option: No

Google and Samsung have partnered up for Samsung to offer outstanding watches targeted to Samsung phone owners. There are also Google Wear OS watches for other Android phones and iPhone users. The latest watch from Mobvoi is the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS, the second model from Mobvoi with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform.

The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS is one of the best Wear OS watches available with a unique layered display design that has an LCD display on top of an AMOLED display so users can have extended battery life. The watch has a massive 577 mAh battery and is built to withstand the elements with IP68 and MIL-STD-810G durability ratings.

While not as well supported as the Apple Watch, Wear OS is still a very capable wearable platform with an extensive number of available watch faces, plenty of popular third-party apps, Google Assistant voice support, advanced health tracking, and stress tracking. The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS has all of the latest advanced health metrics, such as blood oxygen monitoring, and is also a very capable GPS sports watch.

At just $299.99, often on sale as low as $224.99, it’s tough to beat the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS. With support for five global satellite systems, the watch is built to help you explore the world.

5-Fitbit Sense


  • Bright and clear AMOLED display
  • Light and comfortable for 24/7 wear
  • Google Assistant and phone call support
  • Smart alarm support
  • Extensive health and wellness support


  • Solid state button isn’t as reliable as physical button
  • Limited third-party support

More Detail

Display: 1.58-inch 336×336 pixels AMOLED | Battery Life: Six days  | Dimensions: 40.5×40.5×12.35 mm | Weight: 48 grams | Water Resistance: 5 ATM | LTE Cellular Option: No

The Fitbit Sense has a stainless steel ring around the watch face and additional sensors on the back so that it offers support for ECG, skin temperature, and a few more advanced health metrics. If you want to save $70 then you can buy the Fitbit Versa 3 and lose out on a few advanced wellness metrics.

A significant improvement in this watch compared to previous Fitbit watches is the integrated GPS receiver that will help you more accurately track your outside activities.

The Fitbit ecosystem is well supported, with many people on the platform to help motivate you toward achieving your daily activity and fitness goals. The smartphone app is fantastic and offers a ton of insight, recommendations, and understanding of the data collected by the watches. Android smartphone users enjoy a better experience with support for quick text message replies, but these new Fitbit watches work well with Android and iOS for most functions.

Prices were Accurate at the time of Publication but may change over time.

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